Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly Cleaning Schedule :: 31 Days of Homemaking

A while ago I wrote out a weekly plan to help me get done the tasks that I needed done weekly, it was so helpful!  Having only a few things to do every day of the week makes it much easier to get them accomplished.  These are just things to help maintain and keep the house clean.

Water Plants
The only way I've been able to manage to keep a house plant alive is making sure I have a reminder to water them.
As I have little guys playing on the floor most of the day I try to keep the floors as clean as possible.  Also a lot of dust and dirt stays in the carpet and I think (and feel better) that it's maybe a little bit cleaner being vacuumed often

Clean Bathroom
As you know from my Morning Routine I clean the bathroom daily.  This is more of a deep clean.  Bathtub, trash taken out, and any other scrubbing is done today.  Soaps refilled, etc.
 Make sure you clean your floors with natural products especially when your babies are playing on them.  I normally use hot water with a little dish soap.

Make something to freeze
Having homemade snacks frozen makes afternoon snacks easier & healthier. Also it's nice to have a few extra meals in the freezer for those extra busy days.

Water Plants
Some of my plants need watering more than just once a week.
Sweep/vacuum Stairs

Clean out fridge
We normally go shopping every other week but cleaning out the fridge weekly helps purge the leftovers and makes it so it doesn't get quite so messy.
Make shopping List
I love using the app Grocery IQ for our grocery list.  We are able have it on both of our phones and sync them.  Now if either my husband or I go shopping we have the list always with us.  It's harder to forget to bring the list too, since we always have our phones.


Suanna said...

I have my daily chore plan and my kids have theirs, but there are still plenty of things that don't get done. Last week I made a new list of 2 rooms each week to "clean". We have a large house so it takes 6 weeks to get through the whole house, but I'm hoping this will help with the areas that are bugging me and that my whole house will be cleaner if I have something to focus on a little more each week. Rather than the hodgepodge of cleaning that has been getting done and the wishing that I could've gotten to ___________.

Jenn said...

Thank you for linking up at Thrifty Thursday! I'm in the midst of making a weekly cleaning routine so it was so good to look at yours for ideas! Feel free to link up again any time :)

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