Friday, October 19, 2012

Let Go :: 31 Days of Homemaking


One of the best things we can do in our homemaking is to let go of the "perfect" mindset. We are raising families, children, our houses don't have to be perfectly clean and immaculate. 

Children will grow up, the house will always need cleaning and tidying.  We don't want our children's only memories to be that mom always rushed around, trying to make sure there wasn't a bit of dirt on the ground or that the toys were in the correct containers.  Children are messy, there's almost no way to keep up with them. :)

Today start making meaningful memories with your children and just work on the things to keep your house running and not the little unnecessary things.

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The warm fireplace said...

This very poem i keep in my journal i collected from the mother and baby magazine in feb 1993, mine goes:
I hope my children look back on today.
And see a mother who had time to play.
Children grow up while youre not looking,
Therell be years, and years for cleaning and cooking,
So quiet you cobwebs dust go to sleep,
Im rocking my baby and babies dont keep.

The time does fly faster than ever and i thank God i didnt miss a thing mine are now 27,24 and 20, but it only feels like yesterday when they were babies life was simpler, now i cook and clean!

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