Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Freezer Cooking :: 31 Days Of Homemaking

Having food in the freezer for those busy days is so helpful to me. I stock my freezer by making doubled recipes and snacks and then freezing them.  Tonight we had pizza from frozen pizza dough I made last week.  Having frozen pizza dough made making pizza fast and easy.  It take a little over an hour to defrost the dough and then you'll have homemade pizza in under 30 minutes (including baking).

Burritos, & soup ready to go in the freezer.
I don't normally take a day and make a bunch of food just to freeze like some do, right now it's easier just to double recipes when I'm able to.  When I was pregnant my husband would help me and we'd take an afternoon on the weekend and make a bunch of food so during the week I didn't have to make so many meals.  We'd make burritos and soups, they freeze great and heat pretty easily too.

Burritos ready to get bagged and put in the freezer.

Muffins freeze great and defrost fast making them perfect for snacks.  Make double your cookie dough and freeze it in balls and then bake them when you want/need cookies.

My favorite resource for freezer cooking is Money Saving Mom.  She has so many great tips and tricks.

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I try and make more and add to the freezer it is so useful, finding your blog very useful thank you.

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