Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Make An Evening Routine :: 31 Days of Homemaking

My evening routine is much less than my morning routine that I shared yesterday.  These are the things I aim to get done after dinner and before bed.

Dinner Dishes
Washing the dishes at time put's you ahead the next day.  Now left over dishes from the night before.

Sweep Kitchen Floor
Crumbs from meals and snacks during the day can make such a mess.  Swiping daily helps make the house tidy to the next day.

Laundry Put Away
Making sure the laundry is folded and put away daily helps keep it from piling up.

Family Time
Reading, playing and just spending time we the family is a great way to finish the day before putting the children to bed.

Tidy Entire House
It feels so great to wake up to a clean house!

Tomorrow's To-Do List
Think about and write out the things you want to get done the next day.  Keeping the list to about 6 things makes it manageable.

Tomorrow's Dinner
If a roast or some other large piece of meat needs to be thawed it's probably a good idea to take it out the night before.

Getting to bed at a decent time ensures getting enough rest and being able to get more done the next day.

Tomorrow I'll share my weekly cleaning schedule.

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jem said...

That is so true...I have learned 2 things that are important in the home....we many things....but these 2, have the beds made and the kitchen sink shined, that I learned from fly woman, great tips, thank-you!

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