Advertise with A Restful Place!

If you have a company, blog, eBook, Etsy shop, or service that you think will fit with my blog and the readers, we would be happy to consider you for advertising!

We have made several affordable options below for you to choose from.

- Primary Readers: Women, Homemakers, Christians, Mothers, Natural Living, Cloth Diapering

- Audience (as of 12/2012): 3,500+ pageviews per month, 1889+ Facebook fans, 670+ Blog subscribers,

Sidebar Ads:
• 125X125 Sidebar Ad - 1 month - $5.00
• 125X125 Sidebar Ad - 2 months $8.00 (save $2.00)
• 125X125 Sidebar Ad - 3 months - $10.00 (save $5.00)

Post Sponsorship. Have your ad embedded in every post for 1 month -$15.00

We are selective about the advertisements placed on A Restful Place and reserve the right to choose who advertises with us.

Product Reviews:
I love to try new products and post reviews on my blog. If you have an item that you think my family and my readers will enjoy I would be happy to consider. All items must be approved by me beforehand and be a minimum of $25.00 Retail Value. If you want to do a review with me I need a full size sample (that I keep) to use and review. You would be responsible to sending the product to me and paying the shipping costs. I will try to post all reviews within 6 weeks, depending on how many pending reviews are in the mix and my personal life is going. : )

Giveaways are a wonderful way to gain exposure for your product! Reviews pared with a giveaway get a ton of exposure. Product needs to meet the review minimum of $25.00. Giveaways are offered for free with a review product sent to me. If no review product is sent then the cost of a giveaway will be $25.00.  Your business is responsible for sending winner's prizes.  I will not be able to mail prizes out.

All payments will be made via PayPal, Ads will start running once payment is received or when you request.

If you have questions please contact us. We are flexible and may be able to work with you for your business’ needs.

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice (unless you are already advertizing, then no changes will effect you until your time has run out.).


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