Friday, October 12, 2012

Calenders & Notepads :: 31 Days of Homemaking

Calenders and notepads make my life so much easier.  I'm totally a checklist person!

Busy mom's often forget what day it is, what they need to do or where they need to go during the week.  Having several calenders and notepads around the house helps me a ton.

I have a calender in the office, on my phone and on my computer.  They are all used daily.  My Phone and computer ones sync which is great, then I don't have to put the activities in on both devices.

The little note pads you can get at the Dollar store or Walmart/Target inexpensively with a magnet on the back are perfect for to do lists, quickly writing out a recipe or making notes.  I have often gotten these as gifts so I rarely need to buy them myself. :) Sticky notes work well too, except they can get pulled off and lost easier (for me at least).

Do you keep a calender or notepad to keep your days going smoothly?

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