Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Conclusion of the 31 Days of Homemaking Series

Today is the 31st, the last day of the 31 Days of Homemaking series I've been doing here on the blog. I've had a ton of fun and learned so much doing this.  I'm so happy that I was actually able to post everyday this month, I had many doubts that I'd be able to but here we are, I did it! :)

Create a Morning Routine
Make An Evening Routine
Weekly Cleaning Schedule
How I Keep Up with the Mountains of Laundry
Homemaking Is An Opportunity
Don't Compare
Menu Planning
Freezer Cooking
Having the Right Priorities
Have Your Children Help
Calenders & Notepads
The Ultimate Career
5 eBooks & Apron Giveaway
Homemaking Binder part 1
Homemaking Binder part 2
Homemaking Binder Printables
Let Go
Be One Who...
Being a Family Means
Homemaking Books
eBooks on Homemaking
Online Resources
7 Ways to Get Motivated for Your Day
The Word of God In Our Home(making)
A Real Woman
Worrying & Trust
Make Your House a Home

Even though this series has ended there will still be talk here about homemaking and I have plans of many other things to share. : )  Also, today is the last day to enter the giveaway so be sure to get your entries in by midnight! :)

I'll probably be taking a little break now, but I'll be back soon! :)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make your House a Home - Frugal Ideas :: 31 Days of Homemaking

Today I want to share frugal ideas I've found that can help us add just the little extra touch to your home. I love adding things to our home without spending much if any money. :)

Source: via Tabitha on Pinterest

Put fabric over a metal cookie sheet for a pretty magnetic board.

Mod-Podge black and white photos onto your family initial.

Source: via Tabitha on Pinterest

Cloth paper towels can save a lot of money

Source: via Tabitha on Pinterest

This is a really cute way to keep an extra roll of toilet paper handy. These can be made to match your bathroom decor exactly. :)

Bookshelves with one turned sideways with chalkboard paint on one side. Perfect for notes or teaching your children.

I love pictures and the family initial hung in the house.

Source: via Tabitha on Pinterest

Use bookshelves to make a bed header.

Burlap and stencils to make frugal and pretty placemats.

Stain and remove a few boards from a pallet for a neat shelf.

Source: via Tabitha on Pinterest

Canvas with scrapbook paper and then painted wooden letter to make a neat bedroom or any room decor.

Another idea for a pallet shelf

Use stencils to pretty up an old side table.

Old window with shelf

Make a heart out of picture frames for above a bed.

Use spice racks to hold the children's books up off the floor.

All these ideas I pulled from Pinterest.  Pinterest is a neat place to go for ideas on just about anything.  You can go to my pinterest account to view more ideas I love.

Tomorrow is the last day for my 31 Days of Homemaking series, this has been so much fun!  Be sure to enter the giveaway that ends tomorrow along with the series.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Worrying & Trust :: 31 Days of Homemaking

It will never benefit your homemaking to worry what the future will be like.  I know I've worried about many things and the Lord has always carried us through.  Now is my time to raise my children and manage my home as well as I can, without worry. Today I stop worrying and start trusting in my Lord.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Word of God In Our Home(making) :: 31 Days of Homemaking

In the Bible we are commanded to teach our children the word of God as parents, but that's hard to do when we ourselves aren't being filled with His word. Here are the 3 ways I fill myself with God's word daily.

Read your Bible Daily
Quiet time can be hard to find when you've got little ones. Especially when your little ones wake up nice and early. :) Try reading a small piece of scripture at every meal for your to think about throughout the day.

Listen to Audio Bible
You can listen to audio bible while you are washing dishes and rocking babies.  No book for a baby to grab at and try to take pages from. : ) I listen to audio bible quite often.

Home Decor
You can often find home decor with scripture passages and other encouraging messages at thrift stores, flea markets but my favorite place is Hobby Lobby.  Home Decor speaks a lot about what our visions and family values are.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

7 Ways to Get Motivated For Your Day :: 31 Days of Homemaking

Some days I have trouble getting and staying motivated to do the tasks that need to get done for my family.  These 7 things are a help to me when I have things to do.
  1. Get fully dressed
  2. Put comfortable shoes on
  3. Turn on music that helps you get motivated
  4. Start small and then take on the large tasks
  5. Drink something warm (in the winter) or nice and cold (in the summer)
  6. Make it fun ~ sing and have your little ones help.
  7. Have a To-Do List 
What things help you get motivated on your busy days?
Have you missed the other posts in this series?  Read them here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Online Resources :: 31 Days of Homemaking

Today I'm sharing my favorite places on the web for encouragement, help, tips, & tricks for homemaking.

Homemaker's Challenge
Raising Homemakers
Growing Home
Time-Warp Wife

The key to actually getting help from any of these sites is to only go on them occasionally.  The ones that I can I subscribe to and then I can just quickly check the subject to see if it's something I'm interested in.  If I'm not interested then I can just delete the email, if I'm interested then I can click over and quickly read the article and then carry on in my day.  I don't like being subscribed to FlyLady's newsletters as they send so many everyday (like 12 or so) and that's just too many for me. I'd rather go on the site and read about the one thing I want/need help or ideas in.

Online sites will only be of help if we don't allow it to consume us.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

eBooks on Homemaking :: 31 Days of Homemaking

Yesterday I shared my favorite books on homemaking.  Those are my favorite printed buts and today I'm sharing my favorite eBooks.  Lately eBooks have been great and easier for me, I can put them on my phone and then just read them when I have a few minutes in the day.  If I have to stop reading quickly my page isn't lost and I don't have to keep a bookmark. :) The kindle or iBook app keep your stop for the next time you are ready to read.
31 Days to Clean
This book by Sarah Mae is a great motivational for getting started on cleaning you home.  I've gone through this book many times when I felt behind. Everyday there is a challenge to complete. I would recommend this book to everyone!

Organized Simplicity
I love this book. Living a simple life is exactly what I want.
 How to Organize Small Spaces
I'm not very skilled when it comes to organizing and this book and the next have proven to be a great help for me!

Organize For A Fresh Start

The Good Wife's Guide
This book is great! The advise and tips have been extremely helpful to me! Enter the giveaway for this ebook (5 winners) here!
Click here to view more details

What's your favorite homemaking eBook? 

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Homemaking Books :: 31 Days of Homemaking

As part of this 31 Days of Homemaking series I'm doing I want to share some of my favorite books for homemaking. I haven't read that many homemaking books so this list is rather small but I have hopes to build my stack of homemaking books! :)  Be sure to leave a comment of your favorite homemaking books.

Large Family Logistics
This book is filled with many practical tips and tricks for running a large family smoothly! :)

The "What's For Dinner?" Solution
I've enjoyed the books I've read by Kathi Lipp and this one is no exception.  Dinner is an important meal of the day and this book was a great help to me!

Nourishing Traditions
This is an amazing book.  It filled with so many healthy and delicious dishes.  Feeding my family healthy meals is important to me.

The Naturally Clean Home
This book is my favorite for cleaning solution recipes etc.

Whats your favorite homemaking book? Have you read any of these?

*This post contains affiliate links
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