Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Create a Morning Routine :: 31 Days of Homemaking

Having a morning routine puts structure and rhythm to your morning.  Mornings are a busy time as everyone is getting ready to start their day and get a good start.  My morning routine looks similar to this, I aim to get this done before/by lunch.

Up by 7:00
Having a time to begin your day helps to get a good start.  Always waking up at a different time makes your morning hard to plan. 7am may seem late to some and early to others, we tend to be night owls. : )

Get fully dressed
Get dressed all the way from hair to shoes.  You'll feel like you can actually get moving and get things done when you are dressed.  Wearing pajamas all day will tend to make you feel lazy (and sleepy) all day. :)

Make bed
Pretty simple.  A made bed makes a room look tidy even when other things are out of place.

Get Boys dressed
Dressing the boys first thing in the morning teaches them to having a routine and to start their day dressed and ready to go.

Whether it be oatmeal or eggs breakfast is important to a well started day.

I tend to forget to drink water so having it on my list helps ensure that I drink between breakfast and lunch.

If I don't have vitamins written down to remember to take, I forget to.

Bible time
We often listen to the Bible while we eat breakfast or read right after.  Starting the day with Bible reading sets a tone for the entire day.

Computer time
I spend 15-30 minutes checking email and other important things on the computer.  This time also helps me know what I need to get done during nap time.

Dishwasher Unloaded/Loaded
Wash or load the breakfast dishes and any other dishes from the evening before.

Laundry Started
Start a load of laundry.  With cloth diapers, 2 little boys and my husband and I, I always have some sort of load of laundry to wash. A load of laundry started in the morning will give you plenty of time to get it dried and folded by evening.

Dinner Prep
Any meat that needs to be thawed, now's the time to take it out.

Bathroom cleaned
Every "used" bathroom can use a tidy-up everyday.  Just a quick clean of the sink, toilet and a new towel will make the bathroom fresh for a new day.

Hot Spots (counters, dressers, & desk)
Clean off any clutter areas in the morning.  If these areas are cleaned off daily it will be easier to purge clutter from your house.
Tomorrow I'll share my evening routine.

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Suanna said...

This is a great morning routine.

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