Friday, October 26, 2012

The Word of God In Our Home(making) :: 31 Days of Homemaking

In the Bible we are commanded to teach our children the word of God as parents, but that's hard to do when we ourselves aren't being filled with His word. Here are the 3 ways I fill myself with God's word daily.

Read your Bible Daily
Quiet time can be hard to find when you've got little ones. Especially when your little ones wake up nice and early. :) Try reading a small piece of scripture at every meal for your to think about throughout the day.

Listen to Audio Bible
You can listen to audio bible while you are washing dishes and rocking babies.  No book for a baby to grab at and try to take pages from. : ) I listen to audio bible quite often.

Home Decor
You can often find home decor with scripture passages and other encouraging messages at thrift stores, flea markets but my favorite place is Hobby Lobby.  Home Decor speaks a lot about what our visions and family values are.

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