Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Homemaking Binder part 2 :: 31 Days of Homemaking

Yesterday I shared the first part of my homemaking binder.  Today I'm sharing the rest starting at my menu planning section.  Tomorrow I'll share all the links to the printables that I've used.

 Here's the cover page to my Menu Planning section.  I love this paper. So colorful and happy! :)
 My menu plan is on the next page. I plan 2 weeks at a time normally. I have an empty page protector next to it that I have my previous menu plans in (just not pictured).  When I need inspiration when I'm planning a menu I refer to my other plans.
 Here's a grocery list.  I use this to fill in the items we use most and often need to stock up on.  So when I'm making our grocery list weekly I can come here to make sure I don't forget any of the necessities. : )
 This is new. I'm going to write down the new recipes I want to try.  This way I can document all the new recipes I make.  Then I can also make notes if we like them too.
 I still need to print a section divider for Memories.  I have this section here to document any special memories.  With two boys and family events I like to record the special moments I don't want forgotten!

 My goal pages haven't been filled in yet. I have them written down on a notepad but I haven't taken the time to fill in these sheets yet. 
 I created this sheet to help me remember what I loved in a book, when I read it and to keep record of the books I read. :)

 Next I have sections for Husband, Children, Important Documents, & Misc.  My husband section is going to be filled with articles, marriage goals, date ideas, books my husband and I read together, etc.
Growth records, memories, pictures they color, birthday plans, anything that relates to my babies goes into this Children section.
 Important papers that need to be kept but I'm unsure right then where to put them, I put them right here.
Extra printed sheets and misc. papers go here. :)

Come back tomorrow for the links to all the printables I have in my homemaking binder.

Have you read the other posts in this series?

2 comments: said...

I love your homemaking binder and am working on my own. Would it be possible for you to share your grocery list page, menu planning page, recipes you want to try page and your special memories page? Thank you! said...

Oh, I just read that you said you will share them tomorrow. Thank you.

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