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The ABCs of Housekeeping

I follow Jenni @ Live Called and about 2 weeks ago she posted this meme.  I've been wanting to join in since reading her answers but hadn't had a chance until now.  After you read my answers copy the questions and post it on your blog with your own answers.  You can link up and join Jenni here.
Aprons – Yes or No? 
Yes & No, it depends on what I'm making (i.e. fried foods) and what I am already wearing.  I do love pretty aprons!

Bathrooms – How many do you have? 
1 - and for now I'm happy we only have one so I don't have more to keep clean. : )  Bathrooms are not my favorite area to clean. 

Clothesline – Do you have one? 
Yes!  I love it especially for hanging cloth diapers.  Lately I rarely put clothes on it due to my husband's allergies and asthma.

Dusting – How often?
Depends on the time of year, but normally around once a week

Everyday – One housekeeping task you do everyday?
Whole house tidy.  I like to go to each room each morning and do a quick pick up.  Toys, clutter, clothes, etc all get picked up and put away at this time.

Family – Does your family help with household chores? 
My 2 1/2 year old son loves to wash the bathtub and help when I clean the bathroom.  He also helps unload the dishwasher.  My 1 year old loves to 'try' to help load the dishwasher but that's more of a playtime in the water. : )  My husband helps me keep up with the dishes when he is able to. 

Garbage Disposal – Do you have one?
No, currently we live in a old home, built probably well before garbage disposals were designed. :) 

Home Management Notebook – Do you use one? What’s in it?
Yes & no, I have one but I have gotten out of the routine of using it.  You can read what's in my binder here.

Ironing – Love it or hate it? 
I only iron when sewing so I guess I love it, because I love sewing! :)

Junk Drawer – Where is it?
I lost 2 drawers when I decided I wanted a dishwasher added in the kitchen, and one of those was the junk drawer.  I still don't have a junk drawer but I do get a small pile in the corner of the kitchen counter, thankfully because it is on the counter I don't allow it to stay a pile very long. :)

Kitchen – Design and decor? 
I've never been good with designs and decor so my kitchen is pretty simple.  It's yellow with a few plaques that say Faith, Hope, Love in yellow, red and green.  My old dream kitchen used to be blue and green with white - it just sounds so clean and bright in my head. :) 

Love – What is your favorite part of homemaking?
Finding new ways to become more efficient in my calling as homemaker.  

Mopping – How often does it get done?
About once a week or when something gets spilled. :) 

Natural Cleaning Products– Do you use them?
Yes!  That's all I ever use.  I love these products and then homemade cleaners from this book.

Overwhelmed – What part of homemaking stresses you out the most?
Deep cleaning - I am not always able to get the deep cleaning done and that stresses me out. :)  But, at least the regular cleaning gets done. :)

Pets – Do you have any mess-making critters in the house?
Yes, we have one small dog inside (mostly) and then 2 outside kittens.

Quiet – What do you enjoy doing when you get a quiet moment?
Mostly read.  Read my bible, read a current book, read articles.... 

Recipes – How do you organize them? 
Oh, right now they are a mess.  I have my favorite cookbook and then I have a binder full of all the printed off recipes I've collected.  One day I have to find a way to organize them to make it efficient and easy to find what I'm looking for.

Style of House – What kind of home do you live in?  
We have a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom little farm house. :)

Tablecloth – Do you use one on a regular basis? 
No, with a toddler tablecloths get too dirty and add extra laundry. 

Under the Kitchen Sink – What do you have under there? 
It's sort of messy right now but I have some vases, dishwasher detergent, vinegar and some other cleaning things.

Vacuuming – How many times a week does it get done? 
With only 1 room in the house with carpet it only gets done about twice a week.

Washing Clothes – How many loads do you do a week? 
I wash at least one load a day due to cloth diapering.

X’s – Do you keep a to-do list and cross the tasks off? 
Yes!  I must have a to-do list.  The satisfaction of crossing tasks off a list keep me going!!  Recently in an attempt to reduce my waste of papers I am trying an app on my iPhone called Any.Do, so far I love it!

Yard Work – Who does what? 
For the most part my husband keeps up the yard work.  Gardening has become a family event as 2 boys love getting in the dirt! :)

ZZZ’s – What is your last housekeeping task of the day? 
Normally putting a load of diapers in the washer before going to bed. :)

Now, head over to Jenni's blog and read her answers and the other ones linked up.

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