Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Are You Stessed Momma? | 6 Ways To Become Less Stressed

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I know it's been a bit quiet around here lately, I've been pretty busy with my homemaking and caring for my family.  Often I get stressed about the things that need to get done, but I have found ways to put the stress behind.  Motherhood and being a homemaker is often a busy and time consuming occupation.

Dishes pile high 

Laundry baskets overflow

Little tummies empty quickly

Crumbs collect on the floors

Your energy goes away at amazing speeds

Add in many other things and then it starts all over again tomorrow

Things and seasons change.  You just now get used to winter and have figured out how to entertain your two little ones, then spring comes and you now need to figure out how to fit in letting them play outside, But, you can't just let them out alone.  It's busy and it's easy to fall head first into the stress of it.

Stress is bad for everyone but for a mother it's easy for your stress to be let out in your children or husband.  Here are several ways I let go and clear my head of the stress.

Pray - give your worries and cares to Jesus.  You might be washing the dishes or changing a diaper but a quick prayer to the Father will help ease some of that stress in your mind

Read Scriptures - There are an amazing amount of scriptures to encourage a worn/weary heart in the bible and just getting a few into your day can make a huge difference. Post sticky notes around your house if you are not able to get to personal devotions everyday to help encourage yourself.  Just a small reminder that the Lord is there can make a stressful situation much less stressful.

Read a book - even if it's reading a book about bears or cars to your boys.  I find reading any type of book relaxing.  Sometimes it's just a quick few paragraphs in one of the many books I'm in the middle of reading or a children's book out loud.  I often like to try to read from an encouraging book or something that will lift me up. 

Take a walk -put your babies in a stroller and go out for a short walk.  It's great exercise and I always find it relaxing and rejuvenating. :)

Have your babies help you do housework - one of the easiest ways for me to get something done and watch my babies at the same time is to have them help me do something.  I can fold laundry on the bed while they clean something in the same room, for me that's normally picking up toys. My two year old can fold small towels and put his own clothes in his drawer.  Give your little ones wash cloths and tackle the dirty bathroom together.  Let the littles work on the tub while you clean the toilet, floor and sink.  Be sure to use safe and non-toxic cleaners, especially when allowing children to help you as the others can be very harmful to their more sensitive bodies.

Lower your expectations - Children grow at alarmingly fast speeds and you want them to remember having a blast!  Their memories shouldn't be of momma always stressed about having the perfect house.  It's okay if the dinner dishes don't get done every single night, the laundry isn't folded right away, the bathroom needed to be cleaned a few days ago or dinner is simple.  Have fun with them, spend time outside playing in the dirt, sit and read what feels like 100 books to them one afternoon, go to the park and just waste the afternoon, let them sit in the tub extra long because they love playing in there, just have fun! Your babies will grow and you'll have all the time in the world to have the spotless house you didn't have then they were little! :)

I often fail at doing these things but when I stop and realize the stress I have or I've placed on my family I strive to do one, several or all of these things.

When the stress builds in your home what do you do?  Would you add something to this list?

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