Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby - Crochet Baby Hats {Pink & White}

I'm so excited about having our second baby in March!  In preparation to having a new little one soon I've been making baby hats.  I love to crochet and these are so easy and fast!  They will be perfect for keeping our little one's head nice and warm during these chilly wintery days

As we don't know our baby's gender I'm going to be making both girl and boy ones. :-)  I know several other women pregnant and due after me so I can give the extra hats away or keep them for a future baby (Lord willing)!

First I made this one - I used this easy tutorial and added a little bow.

 This one I made with the same tutorial as above.

This one is preemie but it probably will fit as we're thinking this baby is going to by tiny like our first.  I used this tutorial.  This is the same yarn as the first one but looks different due to lighting. :)

 {Same hat as above just different view}

Now I'm planning on making some boy colored hats (brown, blue, green) after I can get into town and get some new yarn.  I already had these yarns on hand so I made them first. :)

I found several other really cute hat patterns that you can see here I hope to make someday! :)


Jacqueline @ Deeprootsathome.com said...

Hello, Tabitha, I love these sweet little hats. It has been years since I have crocheted.. I'm not sure I could pick up and begin a project anymore ;) Blessings! J

Large Family Small World said...

I love the hats! They are so cute. How fun that you are waiting to find out, I've never been able to wait (on purpose) though we did have one surprise in the delivery room!

Sarah said...

These are so nice, Tabitha! Your precious little one will be adorable in them! (If baby is a girl that is. :) Enjoy making the little boy ones!

Jill said...

These are adorable! I'm going to be blogging about crocheted hats this week, having just made another one for my 8 yr old daughter.

I'd like to try some baby hats too, though, as I'll be needing some in the spring. :)

krochetkids said...

wow nice hate and its a different idea of make hate. thanks.

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