Friday, November 18, 2011

Cloth Diaper Question

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I have a cloth diaper question and was hoping I could get some ideas from any of you who have used cloth diapers...

I've been using cloth diapers for the last 15 months on my son, and so far have been really happy with it.

I use homemade pocket cloth diapers - I made them myself from PUL & Organic Cotton Flannel for the diaper and then I have a 3 layer soaker of organic cotton/bamboo terry (thin layer), organic cotton terry (thick like a bath towel), & another layer of organic cotton/bamboo terry.

I do the dry bucket method for dirty diapers and wash every other day to 3 days - unless something comes up and I'm not able to wash as frequently.

I double wash all my loads of diapers with Tropical Traditions Laundry Detergent with a booster of their Oxygen Bleach (NOTE - Tropical Traditions is having FREE shipping until the 21st!!!) - first wash as an express wash and the second as a whites load.  I prefer to hang dry the diapers outside but it's been too cold lately and I've had to place them in the dryer. :(  I don't have any other way of drying them inside.

So, my question is - My diapers still have a smell (not a horribly bad smell but a unpleasant one) after they have been washed and dried.  No matter how much I wash and soak them I can't get them to stop having this smell.  They don't need to be stripped as the detergents I've used on them have never built up.

Any suggestions??  What are things I can do to get the smell out of them? Naturally using Non-Toxic methods.

Thanks so much for your thoughts! :)


Aly sun said...

First, thanks for the comment on my blog. I love meeting new people, especially fantastic women like you who seem so like minded in beliefs. There isn't any better way to get to know one another than to delve into the topic of cloth diapering!

I also use cloth diapers for (had two in diapers about 18 months ago for 6 months). I couldn't live without melaleuca's sol-u-mel. It has a great all natural ordor eliminator. I add about a tsp to my bucket of water and let it soak for about an hour and wash similar to you. I don't soak the poopy ones until after I've washed once, just something I can't handle. :/

When I've run out on occasion, I used kids and pets odor eliminator. It uses all natural enzmns. I've read and read and can't find anything that would indicate it is harmful or leaves a residue. The down side is I have to soak them longer and more (it gets expensive).

Another option is vinegar, plain or orange (saturate orange peals in it for a month). I've heard it can be hard on fabric fibers and the smell of vinegar is kinda gross at first.

A Restful Place said...

Thanks so much for coming by and commenting as well!

I'm going to look into that odor eliminator that you mentioned. Since I didn't any anything like that yet I washed my last load with some vinegar and that made such a difference. I should have thought of that! :) Thanks so much for making those suggestions! I'm so happy to have found at least a bit of a help with this 'problem'.

Hope you have a blessed day!


The Joys of Family and Hearth. said...

Hi, I love cloth diapers. I used Charlie's Soap on them.
I did do a vinegar rinse once but that made the diapers smell worse then they did before I did the rinse!

1T bleach, and the sanitize cycle on my machine seemed to work!!!

I know bleach isn't a favorite but sometimes it's just neccessary! ;)

I loathe that stinky diaper smell.

large family, small world said...

I love line drying my diapers too. I notice that when I don't line dry as well that they tend to hold onto a bit of an odor.
I use Tea Tree Oil from time to time in my diaper laundry, it helps kill germs and can help get rid of smells. Lavender Essential oil can help too.

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