Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Conversation with God ~ Book Review

A Conversation with God -- If You Could Ask God Any Question What Would It Be?

by: Alton Gansky

A front row seat to a fascinating conversation between God, Jesus, and other biblical characters answering important questions about life and faith.

A Conversation with God allows readers a one-on-one dialogue with God, his son Jesus, and other important men and women from the Bible as they respond to questions and concerns relevant to the Christian faith. The questions, in some cases hard-hitting, cover issues that have troubled believers and seekers since the beginning of time. Each answer is based on Scripture and written with the warmth and intimacy of a Heavenly Father relating to His child.

From the back:
Have you ever looked into the night sky and asked, "Why?"
It's not unusual to ask questions, but it is rare to find reliable answers since so many of our questions involve difficult issues or mysteries too great for our comprehension. But there is One who knows.

A Conversation with God was created because life is challenging and your heart longs to understand. Within these pages you'll find fifty-five of life's greatest questions and the answers you're been seeking about the past, the present, and the future. Join in an engaging conversation with God, Jesus, and key Bible characters who answer questions such as...

God, are we really living in the end times?
How can we believe that You created us?
If You love us, why do we suffer?
Can I lose my salvation?
What is Heaven like?
What will we do for eternity?

Every question and answer in A Conversation with God has been prayerfully drown from the Bible, where God has revealed Himself, Each topic comes with scriptural references so you can explore the Bible verses for yourself.
You'll discover the many promises God has for you, including, "You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart."

My Review:

My Husband & I have read this book together and enjoyed it immensely. The pages are thick and strong too & I'm sure it will last a long time. One thing my husband and I really enjoyed about this book was that while reading it you know that everything is straight from the scriptures, many passages that we are all familiar with. Many times while reading it we would stop and talk about the passage of scripture Mr. Gansky was quoting. Each section has several chapters covering that topic. The topics covered in A Conversation with God are:

The Future
Pain and Suffering
Kingdom of God
Heaven and Hell
Christian Living
Today's World

Each chapter isn't too long making it easy to read any time of the day. At the end of the book is a large section (about 50 pages) of notes. Here all the scripture references are so you can look them up in your Bible and study these topics further.

The questions are answered in a conversational manner through the perspective of God, Jesus, Abraham, Solomon, John, Paul, Titus along with many other people who walked with God in the Old and New Testaments.

Overall I found this book to be a great addition to our bookshelf and I plan to read it again sometime. I think its written easy enough to read to your children to help answer some of those really hard questions like: Why are some people rich and other poor? or Why is there disease? I would highly recommend this book to most people!

Disclosure: I received this book through the BookSneeze book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.


Cindy said...

I really need to get this book...I so wish it was available on Kindle.. I may have to break down and actually buy the physical version.
Greetings! I am your newest follower from Mingle Monday! Please stop by my site share the love :o) . While you are there, I’d be grateful if you could go and vote for my little booger. I am trying to win a Baby Bullet and I am severely behind 

Anna said...

Sounds like a good read. I'll have to check it out. :)

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