Monday, January 28, 2013

Halftee Review and Coupon Code

I believe woman need to dress modestly and I strive to do so in my everyday wear along (and especially) with the times we leave the home.  I want my children to be surrounded and understand that modesty is a heart issue but still needs to be reflected on what women wear.

Today you can go into a clothing store or online and hardly find a shirt that will fit modestly, at least I can't.  Either the neck is too low or the shirt is too short, or it fits too tightly, or it's too big... Very rarely can I pick up a shirt and wear it just as it is, besides a few basic t-shirts.

Layering is just about the only way to wear a shirt modestly these days.  Even with a buttoned up shirt I find it best to wear a shirt underneath - just in case one of those buttons come undone or pucker and leave a gap for others to be able to see in. :(

Where we live sometimes it just soo hot in the summer to wear a full undershirt under a tee shirt, so that makes about half of my shirts unwearable, unless I want to stay inside in the air conditioning all day or be even more hot when I go outside.

That's where this neat company comes in - Halftee!  Halftee makes undershirts that are just for adding to the neckline &/or sleeves; they are short, only about half the length of a regular shirt.  It's brilliant!  These halftees aren't really for buttoned shirts as they would only be half the help with the buttons, but for all the other shirts with low necklines these are perfect.

One really nice thing is that if the halftee is too low for your liking you can just turn it around, they are completely reversible with a higher neckline in the back!  Halftees come in many sizes, colors as well as styles.  I requested a Tank Halftee as I don't have many (if any) shirts that I need added sleeve length too.  I got the brown in XS and wear it all the time!  Anytime I wear a t-shirt that is too low and matches with brown I've been wearing it.  I can wear the halftee modestly either way but prefer the covering of it worn backwards.

My halftee fits me with a higher neckline than this picture makes it look like.

The halftee is quite handy being a nursing mama as it cuts out so much extra clothing with the baby.  And, I can just image how nice it would be if you are expecting, as it wouldn't go over your baby bump and be uncomfortable with the continual growing. :)

Next time I get a Halftee I'll probably get a size small, I thought the extra small would give me the fit I needed and it did but it is a bit more difficult to nurse in as it's a bit tight.  I wanted the halftee to fit me tight so that it's wouldn't gap when I bent over but I'm pretty sure the small wouldn't gap on me either.  So many woman layer their shirts and then most of that layering becomes useless once they bend over. :(

I've been really impressed with my Halftee and will be glad to get more! :)  My favorite section on Halftee's site is their Clearance Bin - they have great prices (up to 45% off) and always many products and sizes! :)  You can also find them on Zulily sometimes.

If you want to try out a Halftee for yourself Halftee has generously offered A Restful Place readers with coupon code arestfulplace20 to take 20% off your order .  The best part - if you order using this coupon code you will be entered into a drawing to get a free halftee once the coupon expires on February 12th!! :)

You can follow Halftee on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest

* Halftee provided me with this Tank Halftee for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.

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