Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Review + Giveaway

List Plan It - Hundreds of Lists to Put Your World in Order

I'm a huge list person.  On my fridge alone I have 3 different magnetic pads to write notes and lists on.  I am always planning something and making to-do lists.

A while ago I won a ListPlanIt Memories PDF ePlanner.  This PDF you can print out and write into or type into right on your computer.  I printed it out and added it into my Homemaking Binder to write down special moments and memories of the year.  I haven't been as diligent as I'd like to be with writing into it but it still has been helpful in getting things I'd love to remember down. :)

List Plan It - Lists to Put Your World In Order

ListPlanIt is a website with hundreds of lists to help you organize your life.  With a membership you can join and get access to them.  Recently I got a Download Membership and have been enjoying all the great lists included.

I have especially loved the Menu Planning lists, Financial lists (perfect time for the new year planning), home & time management lists.  They have lists for just about everything: Cleaning, Shopping, Business, Autos, Gardening, Holidays, Camping, etc. I haven't yet wanted a list that they didn't already have. :)

Almost all the lists can be typed right into on the PDF and then printed (for a clean and neat look) or they can be printed out and then written into.

Their site is quite easy to navigate through and only takes a small about of getting familiar with to feel right at home.  The lists are all categorized well and easy to help you find what you are looking for quickly.  Under each section you find additional sections to get you down to just the right lists for you.

How to join ListPlanIt?
It's really easy.  You can either join with a $5/month membership and have access to every single list on ListPlanIt or if you only want lists for certain areas you can purchase the ePlanners for $7.00.  If you want more then just a few of the ePlanners then it would been more cost efficient to go ahead with a membership to have access to all of the lists.

Want to try them out without a membership?
If you want to just see what ListPlanIt is like but don't want to pay just yet ListPlanIt has several lists you can use for Free along with a Trial ePlanner!  You can check them out and download them here.

Jennifer (owner of has graciously offered a 1 year Download Membership to 1 reader!  To enter this giveaway use the Rafflecopter form below.

Get Organized with List Plan It

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Mama said...

probably for me the weekly cleaning schedule and to do list would be most useful and helpful! blessings!

Home Sweet Home(school) said...

I think I'm leaning towards the Spring Cleaning list; as the weather starts warming I'm finding myself impatient to jump into springtime.

Thanks for the chance!


nana1247 said...

I love lists! They are definitely "my lifesaver!" After checking out ListPlanIt I would love to get this yearly membership. Just found your site and will be following! Thanks so much!

Carrie Martin-Vegue said...

All of the Christmas lists look good. I've been wanting to make a Christmas notebook but have had a hard time gaining traction on it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like all of the kitchen organization lists

Danielle @ More Than Four Walls said...

My favorite right now is the blogging lists/business lists since I'm trying to ramp up my blogging and get organized.

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