Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Cloth Diaper Review - itti bitti

Awhile ago I was sent a itti bitti diaper to review. The one I got was the Bitti D'lish AIO medium sized. I liked it but I should have requested a larger size for my *big* little guy. : )

This diaper took a bit longer to dry but was a quick and easy diaper to put on and use. It washed wonderfully and fit perfectly on my baby. I was surprised that such a tiny diaper worked so well without any leaks and it never was too tight (legs, tummy, etc.).

I liked how it has so many snaps on the front to be able to make the diaper fit specifically for your baby.

I'm all for organic diapers so I would have been a bit happier it all the interior fabrics were organic on this diapers as it was just the outer fabrics of the soaker pad only that were organic.

This was the first cloth diaper I have ever reviewed and actually tried that was already made. I've always made my own cloth diapers. In comparison to my own diapers I really liked the size of this diaper better, though my baby outgrew it much too fast. What I guess I really liked about it was the shape and of course the convenience of an all in one. At this time I make my own cloth diapers out of all organic fabrics (besides the PUL) and really think it is best for my baby that way.

Overall I think this was a great AIO diaper, easy to use, wash, dry and made mainly from natural materials. You can purchase your own itti bitti diapers at a bunch of online diaper companies from the list here.

*Disclaimer: I was sent the above product from the manufacture for review purposes only. All opinions expressed here are my own. Thank you itti bitti!

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Mikailah said...

Looks great... my mom used to use cloth diapers, but then she switched when she had 5 little ones in diapers. :) Those look comfortable for 'baby' though. (And they are cute too!)

Have a blessed day!

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