Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Reads

After looking over my list of completed books for May I was pleased to have read more then I thought. : )  May has been a slower month for me as well as busy and it didn't feel like I had gotten that much reading done. : )

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White Gypsy - Lamplighter Audio book
This was so neat to listen to.  The stories are always so fascinating and this one definitely didn't leave me disappointed.  It was so hard to pause when I needed to do something else. : (

iPhone Photography
The info in this book was neat but I don't think I would recommend buying the book as it wasn't full of that much good information.  Maybe for someone who hasn't already studied photography this book would have been great for them.  For the most part I knew just about everything written in this book.

Getting it Together
If you want to build together a Homemaking Binder this book is full of helpful tips and printables. : )

28 Days to Hope for your Home
I think at some point in time every homemaker needs the challenge that this book presents. 

10 Steps to Organized Paper
This book has some really great tips for organizing the paper sin your life.  Highly recommend taking some of the suggestions at least. :)

How to Shoot Weddings Like a Pro
This book stood out to me just because I love photography so much and I got it for FREE (love how Amazon puts ebooks up for free!!).  The tips and information in this book was very helpful to me for much more then just shooting weddings. : )

I also got one other book read on marriage and the surrounding topics but I'm going to leave that a secret.... : )

Did you get much reading done in May?  How are doing on your 2013 reading goals?

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