Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easy Crockpot Refried Beans

Finished beans before mashing them.

I make this recipe all the time. I actually don't normally use a recipe but I wrote it down so I could share with you all. The preparation is fast and easy and you don't have to have your stove on for hours. I love to put these on before bed and have them ready in the morning. They smell good too! : )

Easy Crockpot Refried Beans

6 cups pinto beans
1 onion
couple garlic cloves
3 T oil
3 T salt

Presoak beans if needed.
Rinse beans and place in crockpot. Fill crockpot with water until about 1 inch from the top. Add chopped onion, minced garlic & oil.
On high cook for 4 hours or until beans are soft. On low cook overnight, 6-8 hours or until beans are soft.
Add salt - it helps make the beans not so tough and easier to mash.

Mash beans with a potato masher or ricer. (I wouldn't recommend using a blender, though some do, as the heat from the beans can make the lid pop off and beans fly everywhere! Yes, I know from experience!) I often don't mash them, just use them the way they are. We love to use in burritos, casseroles, as a side, by themselves and any other way you'd use re-fried beans. These freeze really well. I freeze in zip-lock bags in about 1 1/2 to 2 cup measurements.

I hope you enjoy! ♥

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Julianne said...

Oh how I love quick and easy recipes, especially yummy ones like the one you shared. We eat mexican food at least once a week so I'll have to try this recipe.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my new blog, I love getting ideas and input from others!

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy said...

I love cooking beans in the crockpot, but have never made refried beans. Thanks for the recipe.

I'd love it if you'd stop by and link it to my Making a Home linky.

Hope to see you there!

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy

kalea_kane said...

Thank you so much! I already make black beans in a crock pot, but I have never tried refried beans.

Thanks for the recipe!

TyKes Mom said...

We love vegetarian meals and this sounds very cheap, simple and delicious! Thanks!

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

Great idea! I have never made my own refried beans (I'm not a bean fan, but everyone else here is!) I'll have to try this method.

Joy said...

I just made this recipe (I use Sue Gregg's version) last week, and we all loved it! It was so nice to come home to a meal already prepared (I made it the day I went to a friend's to learn how to make soap, and I was gone several hours).

Great recipe to share! :)

Aly sun said...

I just put this recipe together and it doesn't fit in my crockpot! I took some out and will try a smaller version. I'm new to cooking beans. I also added the salt before cooking. I hope I don't ruin the whole thing. I guess it's still a very cheap mistake. Thanks for sharing the recipe and I'm praying they turn out because my kids love refried beans.

A Restful Place said...

Hi Aly sun! The recipe should still work out. I've made smaller batches many times. I just didn't think about it when I posted this. I guess I have a big crockpot. :) The salt shouldn't mess it up either. It's there to help the beans be softer and mash better (plus making it taste better). Your finished beans just might be a little softer = easier to mash! :) Hope you enjoy them!

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