Friday, August 2, 2013

June & July Reads

I didn't get the list of books I completed in June posted at the beginning of July so, I've combined them here with July's reads. :) The last month has been busy but I'm very happy to have gotten so much reading done. Reading has been one of my ways to distract myself from the morning sickness I've been dealing with, it's been a real blessing.

Daughter of Joy
 I do not particularly love romance novels but I wanted to read something that I didn't need to think much about - ie. herbal books, etc. This book was good and one I'd enjoy reading the others in the series.

He Heard Hannah
Keep the tissues handy and be ready for a truly amazing yet heart wrenching story.  This is one book I will never forget.  I have enjoyed Lynnette's happy heart shared on her blog for a long time and this book was so great!  It's a hard read but Lynnette has such a beautiful heart and story about her darling daughter who died.

To Love Anew
Another romance novel but this time with a bunch of historical fiction in it.  Some of the details in this book make it more of a dramatic book but I still enjoyed it.  Not enough to go and buy it or any others in the series (if there are some).  Thank you free amazon Kindle books!

Paper Roses
This is one fun and adventurous mail-order bride story.  The story totally surprised me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A good bit of historical fiction throughout this book which made me love it.  I could read and read historical fiction all day!

Candle in the Darkness
Without knowing much about the Civil War this book was a really good read for me.  I feel like I understand the war more as well as got some fun fiction from it.

Jenna's Cowboy
Historical fiction and western put together always makes for a fun story!

Emily's Chance
Since I loved Jenna's Cowboy so much my sweet hubby bought me (one of the only ebooks we've bought!) this next book in the series too.

Fools Rush In
I really enjoyed this book but not enough to buy the others in the series.  Too much fake romance for me and no real big turning points.  After reading the description of the next book I don't think this series is one I'd enjoy.

Megan's Hero
This one is the 3rd and final book in the series that goes with Jenna's Cowboy and Emily's Chance.  The family life, the godly Christian home and the history in this series made me fall in love with them.  I loved how the three all have the same characters just changing who is the main in each one.  I like how each one is about the 3 adult children find the perfect (unexpected) match for them.

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