Monday, December 3, 2012

Lamplighter 1 Day Sale up to 90% off!

There's a Huge Lamplighter Sale today!  Many products are marked on sale ~ several up to 90%.

Lamplighter Publishers is a Christian company publishing story books for children of all ages.  I still enjoy their books to this day, I would trust and have no problem having my children read these books when they became old enough for them.  Like all reading material discretion needs to be used before allowing young children to read any book. : )

Lamplighter has recently added new audio dramas of their books.

This sale only lasts 1 day so if you want to get any of their products now's the time!  This is the biggest savings in Lamplighter's history! Go browse their site!
*Disclaimer - The links in this post are my affiliate links. I will make a small amount of commission on each order placed through the links.

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