Friday, June 8, 2012

The Matthew 6:33 Life ~ Guest Post

Today I have a guest post from KM Logan from Lessons From Ivy.  She has a lovely site and I've been blessed by the things she shares.  After you read this post go on over to her site and get to know her better.  I know you'll be blessed!

Prioritizing life can sometimes be difficult. 

“How clean should I make sure my house is?”

“How much time should I spend working from home to earn extra income?”

“Do I need to get a part time job, or am I just chasing after a lifestyle?”

“Am I spending enough time with my husband and family?”

“Am I volunteering enough at church?”

“Am I volunteering too much at church?”

The fact of the matter is that the answer to these questions is different for every single one of us.  Some women need to take on a part time job or work from home, while others don’t need the extra income they just want it (this isn’t necessarily wrong).

Some women will have plenty of time during their day to spit shine their entire house, while another woman who has small or special needs children will barely have time to get dressed every day.

Every priority in our life however needs to come back to one question:

“Is what I’m doing helping the Kingdom of God?”

Having a spotless house but neglecting the teaching of God’s Word to our Children affects God’s Kingdom in a negative way, while pouring God’s love into their precious hearts and having streaky windows affects God’s Kingdom positively.

By no means am I saying that women with clean houses aren’t teaching their children’s God’s truth, or that you can’t have both, I’m just giving an example.

I can have what the world would consider success but if my children don’t feel loved by me, I’m not seeking God’s Kingdom I’m seeking my own desires.

Life is about balance and priorities.  We all have different needs and callings, but we should always seek God’s Kingdom first and everything will fall into place.

" But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

KM Logan is a wife, mother, blogger and author.  She's written 3 books and has far too many ideas in her head at the moment for others.  She'd love for you to visit her at Lessons From Ivy and hopes you can be encouraged there. 


Marianne @ AbundantLife said...

This was a great blessing to me today. I printed up Matthew 6:33 to put on my computer screen. Thanks!

Nicole said...

This is a great post- so true. I believe it's a matter of the heart and following after God, as you said. When we do focus on Jesus, He guides us and things will fall into place! Thank you for sharing with us at Workin' It Mondays!

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